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Internet & Telefoon via TV Vlaanderen

Broadband access and network solutions

Rapidly deployable, cost effective and secure, satellite-enabled networks are an elegant solution for businesses with remote communications needs and internet providers looking to expand their markets. ASTRA can custom-build solutions for a wide range of business requirements, from one- and two-way satellite internet access for home and  SOHO users to fully-managed IP network platforms for corporations.

Making the most of consumer’s PCs

The convergence of television, radio and PC opens up new possibilities for ISPs striving to attract and retain subscribers. On a home PC with an ASTRA satellite connection, it is now possible for consumers to surf the internet, enjoy their favorite TV or radio programmes, make phonecalls, purchase music, and download and play the latest games.

Seamless access and distribution

Enterprises frequently need to transfer data to a large and widely dispersed community of recipients. We can meet business requirements that range from database updates to dissemination of digital video and audio for training and timely corporate communications

TV Vlaanderen and Internet

Shall be possible in the very near future. (end Q4 2011 ?)  We will keep you informed.

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