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Satenne PS2

Satenne PS2
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Price: 899.00€
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Model: Satenne PS2
Manufacturer: Satenne
Average Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars!


Satenne PS2
The best and most advantageous full automatic digital satellite system.
The SATENNE PS-1 is a unique and innovative system in any aspect. The SATENNE PS-2 is the most ideal solution for everyone who wants television everywhere.
The SATENNE PS-2 is a compact satellite dish that can be used in a loose or a fixed status.
The mobile SATENNE PS-2 has an automatic search function, autoskew, and large signal reception area and a weather resistant hood.
The mechanic is made of high quality materials so that the quality and sustainability is guaranteed. The control unit has the best technological software on board.
> Can be used loosely or in a fixed position!
> Cassegrain dish with a high production: the small 37cm dish has a large reception area
> Autoskew for the best possible reception throughout all of Europe.
> Can be programmed and tuned in onto 8 preprogrammed satellites
> Twin LNB which makes it possible to hook up an additional receiver.
> Easy in use
> Plastic hood which protects against damage and weather influences
> Can be used in combination with every receiver
> Secured against inversed polarity
Technical Specifications:
> Input Current: 12/24V
> Input Current Range: 10-28V
> Max. power use while searching: 2.2A
> Power usage in standby: 60mA
> Typical search time: <60 seconds
> Weight: 5 kg
> Measurements: diameter 44cm, height 48cm
> Measurement dish: diameter 37cm
> Complies to the European Rules EN55022, EN55024, EN12100-1 and 2, EN294, EN349, EN60529, 95/96/CEE
The mobile design of the PS-2 makes it useable in almost every circumstance.
The PS-2 can be attached and placed almost anywhere, whether it be on the ground, a table or a roof.
Trees or any other obstacles that prevent a clear sight, can be avoided in this way.
Only one cable needs to be attached.
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