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M7 SAT801 HD

M7 SAT801 HD
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Price: 199.00€
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Model: M7 SAT801 HD
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M7 SAT801 HD


Finally, he has arrived, the newest receiver from TV Vlaanderen and Canal Digitaal (Netherlands), the new M7 SAT801. This receiver has many advantages as to his predecessor, the Philips DSR7141HD. This receiver is equipped with a simple and easy-to-view menu structure, in which it is even more easy to find and change certain settings (which was a pain in the *ss in the Philips receiver). A new feature is the ability to plug in a USB or external harddrive into the open USB slot, thus enabling timeshift and recording of programs. Recording programs is easy and can be done from the EPG guide with a simple click of the remote. This receiver is equipped and manufactured to work with the newest technologies. SD and HD programs can now be seen in the best possible quality.
The EPG has dramatically improved and FTA channels are now also EPG enabled. It is also possible to create your own favorites so you can adjust this box to your needs and wishes. As always, this box can be updated trough downloading the newest software straight into the box from your satellite itself. No need to hook it onto your pc or flashing it with a USB stick, just leave it in standby and it will automatically update to the newest software. yes, you read it correctly, no more annoying screens asking you to update your firmware and thus missing your favourite tv show. You can now leave the box in eco-mode and it will update the software when you are not watching. Fastscan is, as always, possible for the most common satellite providers (TV Vlaanderen, Télésat and Canal Digitaal) but it is now also possible to read manual frequencies from other satellites. The M7 SAT801 HD can cope with the DiSEqC 1.0 protocol, but also with DiSEqC 1.1, 1,2 and the USALS protocol thus making it possible to receive up to 16 satellites. A long awaited feature is now also possible, the controlling of a rotating dish. This was previously not possible with the DSR 7141HD but is with the M7 801 possible.
A lot of though has been given to the 'Green' feature of this box. The M7 SAT801HD is equipped with an eco-setting. Whenever you turn the box off, it will show information on its built-in led for the next 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, this box will put itself into eco-mode and will disable output onto the display and thus preserving expensive power. In eco mode, the box only consumes 0,8Watt! This makes it possible to leave the box 24x7 on and allowing it to update itself while being in eco-mode.
TV Vlaanderen, Télésat and Canal Digitaal, suppliers of satellite tv, are hereby complying to the higher demands of their audience with regards to HD television and more ease-of-use of the receivers. The M7 SAT801 is being delivered with a universal remote.
The technical specifications of the M7 SAT801:
• Display: Numerical, 4 digits
• Amount of channels: 6000 tv / 4000 radio
• Zapspeed: 2-3 seconds
• LNB In /Tuners: 1
• LNB Loopthrough: Yes
• Recording time: Depends of the size of the USB device
• Timeshift-function: Yes, through the USB device
• Subtitles: Yes
• Teletext: Yes
• Multiple Days EPG: Yes
• Fastscan: Yes
• Child lock: Yes
• HDTV: Yes
• HDMI-output: Yes
• HD-video: 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i
• Scart TV: 1 (RGB, CVBS)
• Digital audio out (S/PDIF): Coaxiaal
• Analog audio out: Tulip L/R
• USB: Yes
• Ethernet-port: Not active
• Cardreader: Embedded Mediaguard (NAGRA CAK7)
• Image formats: Auto, 4:3, 16:9 / letterbox, pan/ scan,full
• Suited for Triple Sat: Yes
• DiSEqC-version: 1.2 (1.0 at first installation)
• Sofware-update: Through satellite
• Dimensions: 220 x 185 x 40 cm
• Weight: 920 gram
• Energy in standby: 0,8 Watts after 30 minutes
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